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Series 70

The Series 70 innovative dual-solenoid design offers superior performance and reliability over competing products, making it the first of its kind and best in class. Available in (5) colors. Each sold separately for $1325.

Better Technology Equals Better Reliability

The Series 70 is the only paintball marker of its kind because it incorporates the use of two electropneumatic solenoids to allow the firing valve and bolt movement to be mutually exclusive from one another.

Standard paintball guns utilize only one solenoid and combine the firing valve and bolt movement into one stroke, giving the user no control over timing the valve actuation point and the bolt movement.
Separating the two sequences gives many advantages that were never before possible, including:

  • Increased Reliability
  • Increased Performance
  • More Consistent Velocity
  • Customizable Circuit Board
  • Very Low Maintenance

Order your Series 70 Marker today and join the league of Platinum Paintball players who put the power of technology in their hands. ORDER NOW >